Elevation Dock

The Elevation Dock for iPhone.

If you have ever tried to use docks for your iPhone, there is a big chance that you too have gotten frustrated with how they behave. The problem is that undocking is very difficult and honestly, many of the docks arent designed to work with cases, they’re pretty light weight and are usually made as a “lets do this for profit only” accessory.

This is where Elevation Dock comes in to the picture. The elevation dock is made for YOU. It’s supposed to be easy to undock. I am talking about an aluminium, easy to use dock. It is beautiful and comes in different sets, looks good wherever you put it and most importantly, it has a high quality craftmanship behind it.

Undocking is SUPER SIMPLE.

The only thing you have to do it pull your phone up, it really is that simple. You don’t have to shake the dock, nor do you have to use two hand. Just pull it up and you’re good to go. This is all possible because of the low-friction connection and a bunch of other Elevation Dock specialized features.

Case or not? Does not matter.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a case or not. Elevation Dock has been made to fit a variety of case sizes through a movable support pad.

Attention to Quality.

Elevation Docks are independently CNC machined from good billets of plane grade aluminum, no price spared. The final result is a stage of precision that can not be obtained through molding or casting. They experience serious, powerful, resilient and appear lovely.

Simply Gorgeus.

Joint forces with a specialized metal company provided Elevation Dock with a stunning finish that you find on different Apple products. Just fantastic and amazing looking.

FaceTime just got better.

Elevation Dock tends to make FaceTime More desirable. The dock’s acoustics make the Iphone sound magnificent and a lot less tinny than when laid on a desk, so speakerphone and FaceTime calls audio is much better. And its angled again 8 levels, so you are perfectly in frame of the online video.

Looks great on your nightstand.

It was brought to attention that people preferred to actually have them on their nightstand and it really does fit in perfectly there.

Watch it in action.


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